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Some past commissions are shown below.

Bicester Avenue

bicester-avenue-carving kingfisher-carving kingfisher-sculpture

A Kingfisher hunting. After the tree was killed by lightening the guys at bicester avenue decided to give it a new lease of life. This Ash sculpture can be found at the entrance to Bicester Avenue shopping center.

3 T Watersports

owl sulpture owl sulpture owl sulpture

Made from the highly under-valued Leyland Cypress this massive owl overlooks a lake.

Pair of Meerkats

meerkats chainsaw sculpture 1 meerkats chainsaw sculpture 2 meerkats chainsaw carving 3

A nice chap from Witney commissioned me to turn a pair lime tree stumps into a pair of Meerkats. And so...

Old Man Lebanon

tree spirit chainsaw carving 1 tree spririt chainsaw carving 2 tree spririt chainsaw carving 3

While on holiday in New Zealand I got the chance to work with a wind damaged tree. The old man overlooks a driveway that winds steeply up and through the trees. The setting is one of my favorites parts of this piece.